Welcome to Anatomic Therapy Foundation
Welcome to Anatomic Therapy Foundation
The vision of the Foundation is to enable all the people on earth to lead a healthy and robust life. Accordingly, the Foundation is educating the general public on preventive measures and nature cure methods for all kinds of ailments.
Daily Training Programs are conducted free of cost in Schools, Colleges, Offices, Apartments and public places. So far, more than ten lakh  people have taken part in these programs and have been positively benefited.
In order to reach the entire world, training programs and e-Books are made available in the website www.anatomictherapy.org for FREE download. Large number of people have visited our website as many as fifty lakh people have downloaded the FREE DVDs and e-Books and have been benefited.
What is this Anatomic Therapy
1.How to cure all the disease without taking medicine?
2.How to cure diabetic by eating sweet?
3.How to overcome obesity without concentrating on diet ?
4.How to keep the mind in peaceful?
5.How to keep the mind with positive thoughts ?
6.How to love the life partner?
7.How to cure Bp by eating salt?
In this wide world, treatment for any disease is administered to patients either by means of medicines, injections, Acupuncture, Touch Therapy, Varma, etc. or by making them perform Asanas, Mudras, etc. (self-treatment methods). But Anatomic Therapy is unique, as it distinguishes itself as altogether different from all such methods of treatment and always bears positive results.
Who is Healer Baskar?
Baskar, was born in Selvapuram in the city of Coimbatore, Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, India. I was sick since my childhood. I used to have sores on my skin all over my body. I used to apply a rose-colored medicine throughout my body ever since I was a small boy. I also used to get frequent headache. The headache was so severe that sometimes I felt like committing suicide.
In addition, I used to get indigestion and unbearable stomach ache. My eye sight also was not proper. I was also suffering from many other diseases such as lack of sleep, allergy to sound, etc. Whenever I told my mother and father about my headache they would buy an oil or tablet and give me. But, it was not serving any purpose and my headache continued in spite of using them. Sometimes, my pain and agony were very much unbearable.

Five Day Residential Camp & Amaidhiyum Aarokiyamum (Monthly Magazine)

Special Five Day Residential

Healer Baskar, the founder of Anatomic Therapy Foundation is personally conducting the Five-day Anatomic Therapy Program at (NISTAI) International Life Style Training Centre. Coimbatore.

Activities during the five days program: Apart from daily morning and evening exercises, yoga and meditation, there will be classes on Anatomic Therapy, Manam Aga Oli Dhyanam, Varma Kalai and Mudra. There will also be special session on maintaining harmonious relationship between husband and wife.

Body Purification: For purifying the body, practice is given in Banana Leaf Bath. The method of Enima is taught to clean the Intestines; the art of cleansing the eyes and nose is taught; Oil Pulling is taught to maintain excellent health of the mouth.

Food: Nature food is provided in the morning. In the afternoon, arusuvai lunch is provided. Thaniya kanji and thuvayal is provided for the night. Herbal tea or soup is provided during morning and evening tea time.

Date: 29.07.2016 To 02.08.2016
Contact: (Cell: +91-8870666966)

Amaidhiyum Aarokiyamum
(Monthly Magazine)

For the citizens of the world to live a life soaked in good health, love, clarity, tranquility, smartness, peace, prosperity, lasting happiness and profound inner joy, Healer Baskar has undertaken the work of publishing a monthly magazine called "AMAIDHIYUM AAROKIYAMUM". All our friends should surely subscribe and start enjoying the wonderful benefits of great health and tranquil mind through the life changing messages in the magazine.

This magazine will have enriching new thoughts of Healer Baskar and accounts of various healing incidences in the workshops conducted all around the world. Additionally, articles on nature food, technical expertise in astrology,

Now can subscribe Amaidhiyum Aarokiyamum Monthly magazine For Tamil Nadu Rs.400/- and Other state in India Rs.500/-

Download form below. Fill up all details. Send via email / courier / deliver face-to-face.

Contact: (Cell: +91-8883805456)

Latest news:
Amaidhiyum Aarokiyamum 2016 APRIL month pdf free book released.


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